Thursday, September 22, 2011

Speaker Schedule

Please see below for the pre-conference schedule. See you next month!


1: Veronica Benet-Martinez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (9:05-9:45)

Talk Title: The Multi-Cultural Self: Cultural Frame-Switching and Bicultural Identity Integration

2: Carmit Tadmor, Tel Aviv University; Adam D. Galinsky, Northwestern University; & William W. Maddux, INSEAD (9:45-10:25)

Talk Title: Biculturalism and Integrative Complexity: How Second Culture Exposure Facilitates Creative and Professional Success

Coffee Break (10:25-10:40)

3: Sonia Roccas, Open University of Israel (10:40-11:20)

Talk Title: Personal Values and Tolerance in a Diverse Society

4: Miguel M. Unzueta & Angelica Gutierrez, UCLA Anderson School of Management (11:20-12:00)

Talk Title: The effect of interethnic ideologies on the likability of stereotypic vs. counterstereotypic minority targets

Lunch (12:00-1:30)

5: Astrid Homan, VU University Amsterdam, Lindred L. Greer, Annebel H. B. de Hoogh, & Deanne N. den Hartog, University of Amsterdam (1:30-2:10)

Talk Title: Eye of the Leader: The Crucial Role of Categorization in Diverse Teams

6: Eric D. Knowles, University of California at Irvine (2:10-2:50)

Talk Title: Intergroup motives and the construal of "diversity"

Coffee Break (2:50-3:05)

7: Victoria Plaut, University of California at Berkeley; Flannery Garnett, University of Michigan; Laura Buffardi, University of Georgia; & Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, University of California at Berkeley (3:05-3:45)

Talk Title: “What about me?” Perceptions of Exclusion and Whites’ Reactions to Multiculturalism

8: Sheri Levy, Stony Brook University; & Lisa Rosenthal, Yale University (3:45-4:25)

Talk Title: The Social, Academic, and Health Implications of Polyculturalism